Smart house moving for all your clients.


  • Increase number of instructions
  • Faster completion times
  • Enhanced customer engagement
  • Reduction in chain failures
  • Data analytics and performance measurement
  • Provide real value to your customers
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Improve your customer experience with smart, cloud based software
for automated sales progression.

1 Simple
Smart Search

Location, Location, Location – our search focuses on location data and can be used to supplement existing search platform – we can integrate all elements of the platform with any other search platform if you just want the other stuff.

2 Intelligent Property
Shopping Basket

Customers Add properties to the basket, and chart progress as they move from ‘interesting’ to ‘viewing’ to ‘buying’ through a unique search functionality making it easier to search for the perfect house.

3 Automated
Sales Progression

Our new online property account builds a smart dashboard that allows your customers to take personal control with a smart estate agent that can get a sale started quickly and completed.

4 Big Data
Sales Intelligence

Our smart algorithm builds an Unchained Score for every mover. It’s a number that represents the buyer, seller or property status based on the information provided as the move progresses. As an estate agent we provide insights based on the score trends reduce your aborted sales.

How it Works

Property Search & Buying Progress

  • Select the platform elements you want
  • # Provide the branding of your Agency
  • Show it to your customers


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Imagine the number of instructions
your agency would get by offering Your
customers all these features

Smart Personal Search

  • Dedicated search platform for all your listed properties
  • Integrated cost calculator providing total purchase cost to customers
  • Local and price information

Property Sorting

  • Customers can sort and manage the properties they are interested in.
  • Schedule viewings online
  • Create events and tasks to complete the move more easily

Intelligent Dashboard

  • Customize the dashboard and moving process with your customers.
  • Integrated journey map to help them navigate the process simply and online.
  • Improved customer support and visibility of online move progress.

Interactive Budget Planning

  • Automatic population of budget costs
  • Total cost of moving incl. estimates of legal, stamp duty
  • Fully customizable with integrated diary so you can plan the cost of moving along with the process.
  • Planner can be used for all moving costs with a clean graphical interface.

Automatic Sales Progression

  • Integrated task planner which you can share with agents, teams and other people to progress your move.
  • Event planner to schedule viewings and meetings with your mortgage adviser all mapped into your intelligent dashboard.
  • Create your successful moving team with your agent, friends and family.
  • Document storage for all those forms and files you need to share and keep from your old to new property in one place.

Coming Soon

  • We’ve only just got started… our team is working hard to create more great features that do away with even more hassle for buyers, sellers and estate agents.

How Unchained will work
for your customers


Here is a short video explaining how it works

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made included in the set up

How it works

Estate Agents

  • Create a bespoke experience with your customers
  • Generate real engagement and value
  • Reduce cost of service whilst improving quality
  • Scalable and integrated data to understand the demands of your local and regional markets
  • Full end to end experience in a modular platform.
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Estate Agents


  • We operate an open platform with a main focus in improving the flow and process with free access to API and data
  • Over each release we are looking to add partners who can offer a unique way of improving the moving process
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About US

(Everything you need to know)

The Team

Simon and Pete founded Unchained out of frustration with the complexity of the house moving process and the lack of technology to support the it.

Having been through a number of property moves ourselves we couldn't believe that technology didn’t help manage the complex process. Unchained enables both traditional and digital agents to get closer to customers and provide an outstanding and simplified services.

The Mission

Every year about 200,000 of property sales fail in the UK.

We want to use the technology to change that part of the property buying process so no longer do you have to accept the inevitable stress that's supposed to come with one of the biggest decisions of your life.

The Vision

Simplify the moving process through technology, transparency putting the customer first.