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  • Find a property Use our new search functionality to search the market for your perfect houses.
  • Add to your basket Add properties to your basket, and chart progress as you move from ‘interesting’ to ‘viewing’ to ‘buying’.
  • 100 Move quicker, for less Get your ducks in a row by building an Unchained Score. Use this to show sellers you’re the right buyer.

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map iconSimplify your move.

Unchained provides a single dashboard to manage the complex task of buying or selling your home. With over 75 stages to moving home involving time, people and money, we wanted to provide a single site where you can manage the whole process in a simple and easy way.

dialog iconJoin the Community

You’re not alone. The Unchained community gives you a forum to ask questions and share information with similar people. Post a question or share your experiences to recommending a service. Post your views and comments now.

awards iconFree Document Storage

You will be amazed at the amount of paperwork involved! One of most common reasons for property purchases stalling is simply not getting the right document in the right hands at the right time.

Secure and free, Unchained provides simple uploading and storage allowing you to put everything in one place, and share with those who need it.

bell iconLink your chain

More than 85% of property transactions occur in a chain. However, 25% of chains break, costing time, money and, more importantly, your dream home. Unchained gives you a chance to build your chain and link up with potential buyers and sellers.

sign iconBudget Calculator

Moving house is the most expensive thing we do in our lives. Unchained provides a visual timeline that helps you navigate the moving process faster than ever. It includes an integrated budget management and calculator so you can plan your finances well in advance. Combined with our interactive move builder, you can create and manage all the costs associated with moving.

We put you in control of the biggest transaction of your life.

flag iconCreate a moving A-team

Connecting your team makes any move infinitely more simple. With lots of people to communicate with in a move, for example estate agents, removal firms, insurance companies, banks, it's difficult to know that they are all up to speed.

Our easy 'click and connect' process makes this process seamless, visually showing who is doing what, when.

How it works

(Unchained Dashboard)

How it works


Unchained is a free online service that provides buyers with the ability to plan, budget and visualise the complete process of buying a house. Having it all in one place takes the stress out of the move. When you're thinking about making an offer, leverage the power of your unchained score to show the credibility as a buyer to get that house of your dreams. Our unique online tools are designed to make the moving process easier. Simply log in and get started with some basic information and see what your unchained score is now.


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How it works


It takes a lot of people to move house; estate agents, removal firms, solicitors, insurance companies, surveyors, mortgage advisors, banks and many more. Unchained is a place that enables collaboration, engagement and communication with your customers.

Be part of the team with our movers, unchained allows you to be part of the team, schedule activities, capture quotes and communicate with the multiple parties involved.

Unchained brings balance to the process of sharing information your customers need to improve the time and success rates of completing a purchase. The future is in working together in a transparent way, the traditional models are changing and we hope to utilise technology to move the process forward.

If you want to be a partner to Unchained you must have one simple aim, to make the move easier for our movers, contact us now.


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About US

(Everything you need to know)


our team Our Team

Simon and Pete founded Unchained out of frustration with the complexity of the house moving process and the lack of technology that made it easier. Through going through a number of property moves ourselves we couldn't believe that technology couldn't help manage the complex process.

Simon and Pete know little about the housing market, we are not, nor will be ever be estate agents. But we and the the team have a passion to change the way we buy and sell properties to increase transparency in the process and reduce the stress.

our mission Our Mission

Every year about 200,000 of property sales fail. Critical dates and correspondence constantly go unnoticed and when they do, the buyer loses their dream home, the seller loses the sale, the agent loses their commission.

We want to use the technology to change that part of the property buying process so no longer do you have to accept the inevitable stress that's supposed to come with one of the biggest decisions of your life.

our vision Our Vision

Put you, the buyers and sellers in control through collaboration and providing a place where knowledge, honesty and transparency can enable the journey of buying and selling houses to be achievable and simple.